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Why Uncle Maddio's

Stop into an Uncle Maddio’s and you’ll be greeted with “Ciao, Maddio,” our way of welcoming you to our restaurant. The place is likely to be humming with activity, as our staff cooks items from scratch and our Pizza Artists prepare pizzas assembly-line style, using the freshest ingredients, in less than 30 seconds!  Our chef-driven menu lets people choose their pizza size, with 3 different dough options, 6 different sauce options and over 45 different cheese, meat or veggie toppings. Our pizza sauce and dough are made fresh every day in-house, and the meats used in our pizzas, salads, and sandwiches are freshly grilled each day. Even our veggies get the royal treatment. They are locally grown and sourced. 

With our personal create-your-own pizzas, everyone can get the flavors they want, with a total check in the high end of fast casual averages. There’s even wine and beer. 

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When it’s time for our pizzas to hit our unique, high-speed oven things really shift into overdrive. We have stores doing 200 hundred pizzas an hour, the highest throughput in the fast casual industry. And did we mention that our ovens heat our pizzas evenly on both sides, making it consistently delicious every time?

Because we can make pizzas at such a blistering pace and our guests can order their own personal size pizzas, we have as many customers at lunch as we do at dinner, uncommon for traditional pizzerias.

Not only is NY-style pizza favored over any other pizza, but it makes us an easier concept to operate. Our nifty chart below explains why:

Learn what it takes to own an Uncle Maddio's. 

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