Here's what it takes to own an Uncle Maddio's:

While it is important that you are well enough capitalized to start off on the right foot, we also look for a certain type of person who understands that we are in the hospitality business as well as the restaurant industry. You should have:

• $100,000 liquid assets; $450,000 net worth
     o You must have the available capital or have the ability to borrow

• $400,000 to $730,000 costs to open a location
     o Franchise fee is $30,000 per store

• Franchisees are expected to be owner/operators and involved in the day-to-day of the restaurant

• Experience in fast casual or an operating manager who does

• A real passion for our brand

• Align with our values/Served with Love™ culture

• Servant Leadership: we believe in good old-fashioned hard work and respect

• Be humble, you have to take specific, detailed and disciplined direction extremely well

• Ideal location for an Uncle Maddio’s: leasing end caps and inline spaces between 2,200 to 2,800

• Royalties are 5% net sales


We've got a clearly defined process for becoming a Franchise Owner. Learn more.