Uncle Maddio’s Announces Impressive AUV

Uncle Maddio's AUV

Uncle Maddio’s Pizza recently announced that the top 50% of Franchise Owners open for at least one year are reporting average gross sales of $918,874*. Numbers like this are helping the brand grow steadily, having recently opened their 50th location in Orlando, Florida. Uncle Maddio’s has experienced their strongest year yet thanks to their enhanced training program, innovative flavors, and marketing initiatives.

Janelle Brown, Vice President of Training and Human Resources, has been busy rolling out information to Franchise Owners. Everything from ensuring the dough is made and stored to perfection to tutorials on making Limited Time Offerings (LTOs) is covered in detail through webinars and training materials saved to the company Intranet.

“Equipping our Franchise Owners with the tools for success is essential for our overall growth as a brand,” Brown said. “We want our guests to have consistently delicious experiences, no matter which location they visit.”

Product innovation continues to drive traffic to locations, rolling out seasonal flavors such as Thai Pizza and Salad and their summer special, Peachy Keen pizza and salad. Uncle Maddio’s has found a way to give guests gourmet flavors in a consistent and turnkey model.

“We’ve had a great year and aren’t slowing down. I’m thankful for our franchise system and how hard everyone works daily,” said CEO, Matt Andrew.

*6 of 13, or 46% of Stores actually attained or surpassed the represented level of financial performance. These sales were achieved from January 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015. Your individual financial results may differ from the stated result.