Uncle Maddio's Pairs Pie with Pints

Publisher: QSR

Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint is teaming up with local Atlanta breweries to host Pie & Pint nights starting May 14, 2015. The events will feature limited-edition beer selections from local breweries paired with Uncle Maddio's famous pizzas. Brewery representatives will be on-hand to provide guests with information about the beers and offer recommendations. Atlanta breweries participating include Monday Night Brewing, Reformation Brewery, and Red Hare Brewing Company.

The beers selected will complement Uncle Maddio's artisan pizzas. For example, the new limited-edition Sriracha Chicken pizza, which is drizzled with handmade Thai dressing and topped with freshly grilled chicken, fresh-cut red onions and purple cabbage, peanuts, and Uncle Maddio's own sweet and spicy Sriracha sauce, will pair well with Monday Night Brewing's Serrano Eye Patch Ales, a crisp IPA with a touch of pepper. Other beer recommendations will be offered from brewing specialists throughout each event.

"Given that Atlanta is our hometown, we always want to support other local businesses," says Matt Andrew, CEO of Uncle Maddio's. "The Pie & Pint nights are a perfect opportunity for us and the breweries to highlight our great food and beer, while offering a unique experience to our guests."

Guests can customize their own pizza or choose one of Uncle Maddio's signature pizzas. The cost for any build-your-own, three-topping pizza and a pint of beer will be $9.99.